Key Fob repairs for Jaguar

I repair key fobs of various types, I can replace switches, refit fallen off components and repalce cases if available.


I have repaired various Jaguar fobs for X Type, S Type, XJ8, and others, please see the pictures as to the types as the fobs cover more cars than I have listed.
I use BRAND NEW switches, leaded solder, I can also supply and fit cases and buttons, I have listed my fees below, this includes first class recorded delivery back to you.

Please note the S Type/X Type fob suffers badly from cracked solder joints. I often have to resolder all components including the main chip, I have even received them with chips fallen off but still in fob.

I have repaired XJ8 fobs by cutting the rubber buttons back and using very thin switches instead, I repaired 2 XJ8 fob like this recently.

Jaguar X Type & S Type, replacement switches, case is for guidance.
Recorded Delivery
Special Delivery
Jaguar XJ8 switch conversion, due to rubber buttons losing conductivity I replaced three of them with the same switches as used in the X Type fobs. I replace as many as needed, but I always need to replace at least two.


You can contact me at and I will send you the address to post the fobs to, please remove the key and immobiliser chip and just send the fob on its own, please use recorded delivery for tracking reasons. I accept cheques made out to me, cash or Paypal made out to , please note bitmaps used to prevent harvesting.

It is quite possible that the fob will not work when you receive it back, you will need to resync the fob to the car.

S-Type, X-Type Resync. Thanks to many places. I used multiple ones as some were not very clear.

1) Insert the key and turn to position I.
2) Turn the key to position II then back to I (quickly repeat four times), and you will hear a chime if it was done correctly.
3) Turn the key all the way back and remove from ignition.
4) For each Keyfob in rapid succesion. Press any button on the keyfob you wish to pair, you should hear a chime as each Keyfob is paired with the security system. After the chime do the next Keyfob.
5) Now make sure they work.

Resyncs for XJ8 and similar aged, copied from a post by David on Jaguar Forums, I do not know which one will work and I leave it to the car owner. I have reformatted and corrected some spelling but beyond this is as found.

METHOD 1 - most likely to work.

1) Unlock car and get in, leaving drivers door open.
2) Pull headlight flasher back and insert key while holding.
3) While still holding headlight flasher, turn key to position II.
4) Release headlamp flasher and then flash headlights four more times.
5) The red lamp on the gear selecter will illuminate (no sound).
6) Press a button on each fob to program (gear selecter lamp will flash for each fob press).
7) Now make sure they work.


1) Key in ignition without turning to any position.
2) Hold turn signal stalk in the flash to pass position, pulled towards you.
3) Turn key one position while holding the stalk.
4) Flash the stalk 4 or 5 times and you should hear a confirmation tone from the security sounder. It is not the horn, and in an area with high outside noise levels you may not be able to hear it, it is rather quiet.
5) After the tone press any button on the remote you wish to program and you will either hear a similar tone confirming programming or a different sounding error tone meaning that the programming did not work.
6) If you did not get the initial tone confirming programming mode there could be either a problem with the security module or a problem with the procedure.
7) The flashes after turning the key require a certain amount of feel. Very rapid or very slow flashing will not work. The 4 or 5 flashes should take a second or two not rapid fire.


Note: All remote transmitters belonging to the vehicle being serviced must be available. If the learning process is carried out without having all transmitters present, all previous transmitter codes will be overwritten, rendering the missing transmitters inoperable.

1) Insert key in ignition, leave in the OFF position.
2) Hold headlight flasher back.
3) Turn ignition key position to 1.
4) Flash headlights 4 times. Alarm will enter programming mode. This will be confirmed by " Beeps", from the alarm and flashing LED on gearshift. Programm each transmitter ( UP TO 5 ) by pressing the lock or unlock button on each transmitter once. The alarm will " Honk " when you press the transmitter button. The alarm must honk 5 times to complete the programming. Therefore, if you are only programming one transmitter you should operate the transmitter 5 times. If you are programming two {2} transmitters you will operate one {1} transmitter twice, and three times on the other. For five {5} transmitters you will operate each transmitter once.