Keyfob Key Fob repairs
Vauxhall, Saab, Citroen, Ford, Rover, Mercedes, Jaguar, Nissan

Megamos Key Fob Omega Vectra

I repair key fobs of various types , I can replace switches and refit battery holders. I use new switches and have worked out a good way of refitting battery holders with broken legs. I have repaired a lot and there are some of the comments at the bottom of this page.


Vauxhall 2 button
Omega B 1997-2000
Vectra B
Astra G

Vauxhall 3 button
Omega B Facelift 2000-2004
Vectra B

Others using similar parts
Corsa C 2000-2006
Some Citroens
Saab 9-3
Rover Group

Citroen Specifc Page

Jaguar Specifc Page

Nissan Specifc Page

I use BRAND NEW switches, leaded solder, brass wire for the battery holders, and can patch up covers if not too damaged I can supply new covers if yours is tatty. I am unable to reprogramme key fobs but can recommend if required.

I have listed my fees below, this includes first class recorded delivery back to you.

My well known 2 or 3 button switch replacement, battery holder refit 12
3 button switch replacement, battery holder refit with NEW CASE

Please note I have two designs one with window for LED and one without, I will decide on which to use if you have an LED on the PCB

2 button switch replacement, battery holder refit with NEW CASE

Corsa 2 button switch replacement, NEW CASE, sorry no LED window available

Corsa switch replacement

Porsche Boxster switch replacement, please note these fobs can irrepairable fail so only buy a repair if the switches are failing but it still sorts of works, I found this out with a friends car, I can only fix faulty or broken switches, dead fobs are unfortunately scrap.

Lucas 3TXA, 3TXB, 3TXC, 17TN, switch replacement for the standard Rover group fob, as fitted to 100, 25, later 200, 45, later 400, Freelander



You can contact me at and I will send you the address to post the fobs to, please remove the key and immobiliser chip and just send the fob on its own, please use recorded delivery for tracking reasons. I accept cheques made out to me, cash or Paypal made out to , please note bitmaps used to prevent harvesting.

It is quite possible that the fob will not work when you receive it back, you will need to resync the fob to the car, turn on the ignition with the repaired key and press the lock button within a few seconds of turning on the ignition.

Flip key conversion

Convert your 2 button rectangular fob to the Astra H flip fob.

Also convert Corsa C to flip.

You need to supply the original fob and the donor Flip fob.

I will then dismantle both fobs and rebuild your internals into the flip fob casing.

This is a long job and is not a 5 minute job, I have researched the conversion and I have some of my own methods.

Please note if your current key is the older style a small section of the flip fob does need to be ground away to make room for the key.

Unlike the conversion method available on the internet I use a stronger method of joining the halves as Nylon does not glue at all well. I had the prototype spring apart three times before getting it right.

If the original fob is fitted with an LED I can make use of it if required.

I first dismantle both fobs, I remove the battery holder and switches from the original, if the switches are good I reuse them, otherwise I use two new ones. The flip fob is cut apart with a rotary saw and sharp knife, after having joining holes drilled through both parts, unfortunately the original flip fob inside gets terminally damaged as it is sawn in half.

I clean up both parts, drill my joining holes to the correct size and then machine away the insides until the original fob PCB can be fitted, I will often need to sand down the fob in size too. When the PCB can fit I then drill a hole for the red light if required, and fit the wires to the PCB for switches and power. The PCB is then fitted into the Flip cover with silicon sealer. The switches are then fitted with 2 part epoxy, then soldered to the wires.

The battery terminals are made and then connected.

The immobiliser chip is also fixed with sealer.

The original key can be machined down to fit the flip mechanism. But is the blade is available in flip design it is advisable to get a new one.

If required the case is then machined to enable the key to close, Omega, later Vectra, and Corsa C keys are the same size as Astra Flip Keys so the covers do not need cutting.

The two halves of the case are then lined up using the small holes and some thin wire, fitted together with 2 part epoxy and screws then left to dry for 24 hours.

The covers are then cleaned up, screw holes back filled and then final testing before being returned to the customer.

Please note it will take roughly a week to do each one due to letting glues set as I use slow setting for strength.

I have repaired a few for members of and here are a few comments. I am a longstanding member of that forum with over 10,000 posts.

"See earlier in this thread and PM to Martin Imber. He fixed one of my keys a couple of months ago, excellent job."

"I have just had one of my keys "done" by Martin and a fine job it was."

"I sent the worst to Martin who re-soldered the battery tray and changed the switches."

"I would like to state here and now that Martin is a wonderful person and turns around the work very quick indeed. I would recommend his service to everyone. He asks for a measley xxxx for the job. I sent him xxxx and I think that is cheap at twice the price."

"May I publicly thank Martin Imber for the fantastic service he gives refurbishing Facelift keyfobs. I sent one in Friday's post and it arrived back this morning !!! It is so much better than before that i have already packaged up my other key for similar treatment, it will be in the post this afternoon !!"

A view of a repaired keyfob.

This one was repaired about a year ago hence the marks from the cover around the switch

2 button before repair

2 button with faulty switches removed

2 button with new switches

3 button fob switches top, 2 button bottom


"Always a pleasure to deal with - Another great job done :-D"

"provided a very good service at an excellent price highly recommended"

"Top class job will definitely be using again :-D"

"repair of fob excellent works better than b4 many thanx recommended A1++++++++"

"Good job repaired my torn and broken fob and returned within 48 hours,thanks"

"Just the job for the fob, excellent, recommended +++++++"

I have repaired some pretty bad fobs, this one had burnt tracks from a bodged previous repair and through board connectors broken through over heating. This picture is of a switch glued to the board and a jumper wire awaiting soldering.

A wire was passed through a hole drilled into the board, it connected the circuit board to the main chip on the other side, after a resync this fob works fine.

The pin is for attaching the battery holder